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Frank LittleBear & the Red Visions Native American Dance Team

Native American Performing Artist (music, dance & handcrafts)
First Nations Lecturer & Author

Greentown, PA & Windsor, PA
Wayne & York Counties

Frank LittleBear is of Cree Nation Ancestry. A renowned lecturer of Native American Culture, he is also a Musician, Artist, and Author who has been recognized by universities, colleges, museums, and historical societies.

Inspired by his own family and Nation traditions and beliefs, LittleBear spent his early life furthering his knowledge of other indigenous tribes and ancestral spirituality throughout the U.S and Canada as well as Central and South America. After years of study and devoting his life’s work to researching the histories and customs of First Nations peoples, LittleBear turned his attention to education. For decades, he has been singularly focused on presenting interactive and immersive programs that bring to life the diverse social, traditional, and contemporary lifestyles of Indigenous people both past and present.

LittleBear’s artistic skills are as broad as his interests. He personally practices and educates others through traditional hand arts, dancing, drumming, music, storytelling, and even artifact displays.

“I just wish to share Native American music, dancing, artwork, and the pride of our heritage. As a child, I was so inspired by my own culture’s practices and beliefs, that I ended up spending my life exploring it and sharing its connection with other tribes throughout all of North and South America. That inspiration I felt as a child continued to grow with a deepening connection to my own Indigenous heritage (my Nation and ancestors), and then during my travels, it deepened even further from studying so many other Nations and finding our cultural/spiritual connections.

I will always feel like I am the student, putting countless hours into my artwork every day since I can remember. We should always stay open to learning new techniques and skills so that we continue to grow as artists.”
Generations of LittleBear’s family practiced both music and dance. His parents, grandparents, and extended family also practiced and taught traditional beadwork, leather carving and tooling, painting, and more. Family has always been the inspiration for the work he does – originating from immediate family and elders, and continuing now as he founded a dance team featuring his own children, Red Visions Native American Dance Team. For over 35 years, it has been family and traditional values that have shaped him and driven him to teach others about his culture.

“In our culture, we believe that everything in the physical world shares a connection to something in the spiritual world. From the beginning of our history, we have always found a use and a purpose for the items we have. As an artist, it is important to respect that, as every piece tells a story.

My only hope is that my work continues to inspire others for generations to come. I wish only that my work plants a seed that others may find, to spark a flame in them that inspires them to share the art, music and culture of their own heritage.”

Master Artist- Frank LittleBear

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