Museum Adventure Weeks 2022

Museum Adventure Weeks is a fun-filled summer program for children Grades 1–5! The Museum is hosting the program in a safe and convenient virtual format this year.

The series includes three week-long sessions, each offering students the opportunity to experience a new topic or theme that explores natural history, science, and art through hands-on activities, virtual tours, and live demonstrations. Students will have the opportunity to join LIVE virtual classes or work at their own paces using the provided Adventure Toolkits.

This year’s programs are as follows:
Nature Week: Nature’s Curiosities, July 11–15
Art Week: Exploring Printmaking, July 18–22
Mystery Week: Fiber Art Fun, July 25–29


  • All tools and supplies needed for projects 
  • Printed artworks
  • Codes to unlock digital step-by-step instructions and additional resources in Google Classroom
  • Schedule of live daily classes and discussions and morning warmups with Museum staff

DATES: July 11–July 15, July 18–22, July 25–29
$40 for members, $45 non-members
LIVE VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION TIMES: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. each day of the programs

Please contact with questions regarding the program and registration.


July 11–15

Follow the historic footprints of naturalist Alfred Twining to determine what is growing in your very own backyard. From poisonous plants to vicious vines and protruding petals, campers will discover ways to identify, document, protect and preserve plants. Dr. Twining donated a very special collection to the Everhart Museum in the early 1900s: his herbarium! He traveled all over Northeastern Pennsylvania to find examples of local flora to preserve for scientists of the future. This week we will learn about the art of preserving plants, how to care for living plants, and how to take field notes to describe the plants we see. Find out if you have a green thumb or maybe the special skill of creating nature-inspired art! 

During this week, campers will:

  • Be able to identify different types of local plants
  • Create a pressed plant herbarium catalog 
  • Learn how to log data in a nature journal
  • Create works of art with nature materials 
  • Investigate and observe plant and animal specimen


July 18–22

Imagine you are among the Fishermen of Kanagawa, Japan in the early 1800s. You are transporting live fish back to shore when suddenly you see a wave rising behind your oshiokuri-bune boat. The wave rises higher than you have ever seen on your many fishing trips out to sea. As the wave crashes and pushes the boat quickly to shore, you sigh a breath of relief. It is time to document your adventure so your friends and family will believe your story. Luckily for you, the art of printmaking is very important in Japan, and Gyotaku, or fish prints, will document the fish you brought back. During this week of camp, campers will learn about the art of storytelling through printmaking! 

During this week, campers will:

  • Learn about and create different types of prints
  • Learn about and create Gyotaku fish prints
  • Build a boat inspired by the oshiokuri-bune boat
  • Learn about and create sumi-e ink paintings 
  • Create works inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai (Japanese, b. 1760)


July 25–29

Have you ever noticed how some everyday objects in your home are actually works of art? Though an object may not hang in a museum, someone used their skill and creativity to make something special. In this story, we’ll look at textile art, which is art created from fibers and includes the beautiful patterns of handmade quilts.

During this week, campers will:

  • Learn about oral histories and family traditions
  • Learn about symbols and design in textiles
  • Understand basic weaving techniques 
  • Work with tools and materials to create a new woven artwork
  • Create works inspired by Weavers of New Hope by Violet Oakley (American, b.1874)

Program Cancellation Policy

In the event you must cancel your paid program reservation with us, you will receive a refund as defined below:

  • There is a 20% non-refundable registration fee for all Museum programs.
  • 80% of payment will be refunded if written notification of cancellation is submitted NO LATER THAN EIGHT WEEKS (8) weeks before the start of the program.
  • Cancellations received later than our policy date will end in automatic forfeit of full tuition.
  • In the event of an illness or family emergency, a formal physician’s note must be submitted to receive a full refund of tuition.
  • Cancellations for family vacations and/or personal reasons will not be refunded.

For questions about the program or registration, please email

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Museum Adventure Weeks is underwritten by Lackawanna County, the Overlook Estate Foundation, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the Maslow Family Foundation.

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