What is a Zine?

Zines (an abbreviation of magazine) are small publications typically printed in limited batches by the creators themselves. Writers, Poets, Illustrators, Graphic Designers and many other types of artists express their ideas through zines.  

What is a Zine Library?

A Zine Library is a collection of various artists’ zines, small publications, and chapbooks. Zine Libraries can have a theme or be curated in a specific way to reflect an institution’s interests, a certain time period in history, or limited topics. However, Zine libraries are often a mix of many different types of zines, organized in categories to make it easier for visitors to browse based on their interests. 


Why have this in a museum?

The Everhart Museum is focused on community and exploration. Through the addition of a Zine Library, the Museum can increase the amount of art and information patrons can discover on their visits, while encouraging further exploration once their visit with us comes to an end! 


Who do I contact with questions?

You may contact Zine Librarian, Melanie Rosato by emailing her at rosatomelanie@gmail.com anytime or contacting the museum during business hours at (570)346-7186 to leave a message or speak with her directly. 


Is there a deadline for donation or submissions?

To have your donations included in our opening celebration they must be received by October 1st, 2018. However, donations will continue to be accepted after the initial deadline by contacting Melanie Rosato.
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