Info About Your Visit


Buses can drop off school groups at the parking lot to the right of the Museum, and may remain there (space permitting) for the duration of the tour. Groups are asked to come to the front steps of the Museum and wait outside the doors where their tour leaders will meet them. Access for disabled people is available at the rear of the Museum.


Upon arrival, the group leader will check in at the Museum’s administrative offices. Students will be assembled into groups outside the Museum and wait until the group leader has completed checking in. Please time your arrival as closely as possible to your tour time; ten minutes early is ideal. Classes that arrive late may receive an abbreviated lesson. A group arriving more than 30 minutes late may not receive instruction or a tour.

Group Size

A group consists of at least 15 persons, and is limited to approximately 100 students. We recommend children in your group wear distinctive nametags including the school’s/organization’s name and youth’s name.


The price for guided and self-guided gallery visits includes one adult per ten students. Additional adults must pay the regular admission charge of $7. Adult chaperons must attend to the group at all times and are responsible for maintaining discipline and order within their group. Chaperons are asked not to bring younger children with them.


Please make sure chaperones and students are aware of the museum’s rules:

  • Visitors should use a “library voice” throughout the Museum.
  • Visitors are not to touch any of the Museum’s collection.
  • No food, candy, or beverage is permitted in any area of the Museum.
  • No photography is permitted in any area of the Museum.
  • Students must remain with the group at all times.


Unfortunately, there is no available eating facility in the Museum. Nay Aug Park surrounds the Museum and has a pavilion with picnic tables available for groups. Please ask us when scheduling to contact the Scranton Parks Department for you. If students bring bag lunches, we will hold them until lunchtime.

Museum Shop

The Museum Shop offers children’s merchandise such as postcards, Everhart memorabilia, art supplies, musical instruments, and toys. We recommend you add ½-hour to your scheduled tour to accommodate the gift shop. Teachers and chaperones must supervise both students in the shop and those not shopping. Please make students aware that sales tax will be added to their purchases.

Educator’s Discount

The Everhart offers a discounted Academic Membership to all educators ($25/person). Membership brings access to unique, historical, and absorbing artifacts, ranging from Everhart’s aviary to the ancient world. Please click here to see details on Museum membership.