The Reader: Paintings by Travis Prince

October 1–December 31, 2022

Merging painting and literature, The Reader: Paintings by Travis Prince presents viewers with images of African Americans reading works by African Americans. Depictions of books by authors such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Frederick Douglass being read by people in everyday contexts invite viewers to contemplate the social and political issues of race throughout America’s history into the present.

Included in the series “The Reader” are 11 works by Travis Prince, which are presented in this exhibition alongside readable copies of the books portrayed within. It is the hope of the artist that The Reader sparks meaningful conversations on ways to fill gaps in our knowledge and conceive of new strategies to forge an inclusive and harmonious future.

This exhibition contains sensitive content, and adult supervision is recommended for viewers under age 18.

Chancellor Williams by Travis Prince

Elijah Muhammad by Travis Prince
Michelle Alexander by Travis Prince
Frances Cress Welsing by Travis Prince
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