Lock & Key: Our Household Objects
Spring 2021 | Maslow Galleries

Featuring pieces from the Everhart’s permanent collection, Lock & Key: Our Household Objects will exhibit paintings, furniture, textiles, kitchen tools, and leisure items that represent what “home” means across different eras and cultures. The exhibition will examine what is put in places of importance in our homes and consider what otherwise mundane objects have significance due to their roles in our everyday lives. The displayed objects will analyze questions like: How do societal expectations influence what we put in our personal spaces? How do the objects in our homes reflect our traditions and family history? Does the concept of ‘building a home’ have a place in the 21st century?

Everhart Retrospective
Ongoing | Gallery 1

This special exhibition will showcase reproductions of historic photographs of the Everhart Museum through the decades. The photographs will depict how the Everhart’s building has changed over the decades as well as the many activities that have taken place within the Museum and on its grounds. Works will be rotated in and out over the course of the year to showcase different parts of the Everhart’s history.

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