Digital Zine Library

The Everhart Museum’s Zine Library, established in 2018, houses over 75 zines donated by local and international creators. Zines, an abbreviation for magazine, are short publications that feature a wide variety of subjects, sometimes by a single creator and other times using a compilation of submissions from a group. The Zine Library gives these authors, artists, and poets a place where their work is accessible for the Museum’s visitors to explore. This library allows our community to learn more about zines, chapbooks, and self-published work. With categories featuring a variety of subjects, there is a zine that can appeal to everyone. You can discover content in literature, personal essays, poetry, comedy, hobbies, and art represented in the Zine Library. 

Donations are ongoing-if you are interested in having your work included in the library, please contact Librarian Melanie Rosato at for more information. By following the link below, you can view the growing digital archive of our library, as well as zines created by The Everhart Museum. 

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