Board of Trustees


Amanda Frieder, Chair
Caroline Munley, Esq., Chair-Elect
Joey Zarcone, Vice Chair
Rodman Azar, Treasurer
Valerie Kiser, Secretary
Carol McMullen, Assistant Treasurer
Don Frederickson, Immediate Past Chair


Tara Atkins
Catherine A. Gallagher, Esq.
Emily Karam

Carrie Krott
Joyce Lomma

Linda Lynett
Thomas Millard
Michael Muller
Alex Molfetas

Debbie Pann
Heidi Schukraft
Robert Solfanelli
Amy Yando

Museum Staff


Kathy Johnson Bowles
Executive Director

Katie Goldovich
Director of Finance and Administration

Joshua Mann
Administrative Assistant


Michael Wisneski
Preparator and Special Projects Manager


Rebecca Daniels
Director of Development

Brent Guzik
Visitor Services and Communications Manager

Programs and Events

Stefanie Colarusso
Director of Programs and Events

Nancy Ariza
Assistant Director of Public Programs

Bekah Miller
Education and Family Program

Camille Dantone
Program Instructor

Kim Crafton
Interim Folk Art Program Coordinator

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