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Arts Education During COVID

In these unprecedented times, it is clear that education has faced many challenges. Parents and caretakers are working double-duty to keep up with their children’s assignments from home. The school system is trying hard to keep up with the needs of its students. Educators are working twice as hard (or harder) to provide their students with the best possible education. It has been anything but easy.

Creative art classes have been hit hard. Arts educators are adapting within the classroom to provide safe environments for their students and themselves. They teach virtually where many students lack proper tools and supplies that make arts classrooms so fun, exciting, and experimental. Through all of these challenges, it is evident that art educators have done amazingly well with adapting to change and using creative instructional methods to keep students engaged in arts learning, no matter what the situation. 

The 2021 Scholastics Art Awards submissions of the Northeast Region is proof that arts educators are doing a fantastic job. This year’s submissions were some of the best works I’ve seen since the Museum became an affiliate partner in 2018.  The level of talent is exceptional. The arts provide students with a creative outlet to express their personal vision or voice. It is a way for students to express their emotions in a way that is especially meaningful in such uncertain times. It is genuinely refreshing to see the commitment from educators, students, and parents or guardians who support creativity at home and in school, encouraging students to express themselves through art creation.

On behalf of the Everhart Museum and our regional arts community, I’d like to congratulate all student artists for the fantastic display of work created this year. It is an honor to represent the Northeast Region as a National affiliate of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. 

To view the virtual exhibition of student Gold Key, Silver Key, Honorable Mention Awards, and American Visions Nominees, please, click here:

Written by Stefanie Colarusso, Director of Programs and Events

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