School Tours for Grades K through 12


Enrich your students’ learning experience with a trip to the Everhart Museum. We offer guided tours of our collections that include hands-on activities, for grades K through 12.

Costs include the tour, as well as admission to the Everhart Museum for the rest of the day!  Please note our weekday and weekend rates.  A 20% deposit is due one week prior to your visit.

For more information, contact the Everhart Museum at 570-346-7186 ext. 516 or email


k-8th grade

The “Teeth Tour” is the Everhart Museum’s *new* spring 2018 guided tour. Students will travel through each of the Everhart Museum’s permanent galleries exploring dental history through multi-sensory activities, group collaboration and discussion. Students will investigate items in the Museum’s new handling collection while on a guided tour with our museum docent staff.

The tour includes a walk-through of the rocks and minerals gallery where we will discuss what’s in a tooth by identify the minerals that make up teeth and the metals and gems we use to repair our pearly whites. In the fossil gallery, students will investigate dinosaur teeth and tooth fossils, as well as a timeline of teeth in the prehistoric periods.

In the bird gallery, we will discuss beak adaptation. After introducing five different categories of beaks, students will explore those beaks in action through videos and audio recordings. Students will also participate in a hands-on activity to better understand the mechanics of beaks and what and how birds eat.

And on the second floor, students will be taken back in time through our fine art collection. By exploring art from ancient Egypt all the way to America in the Roaring Twenties, students will learn about the history of dentistry and oral health care through the study of portraiture and our ethnographic collection.


Your group may choose from the following options:

(Group size 15- 45 children)
Option 1-
$5 per student, $5 per chaperon
10:00a-11:30a + 30 minute lunch (BYO)

1.5-hours guided tours/lunch in Nay Aug Park

Option 2-
$5 per student, $5 per chaperon
10:00a-12:00p + 30 minute lunch (BYO)
1.5-hours guided tours/gift shop/lunch in Nay Aug Park

Option 3- 10:00a-1:30a +30 minute lunch (BYO)
$12 per student, $5 per chaperon

1.5 hour guided tours of the Museum/1-hour workshop with the Greenhouse at Nay Aug/lunch in Nay Aug Park

(Group size 46-90 children- add 30 minutes to the options above.  Groups larger than 90 may be done over several days OR on a morning and afternoon schedule. Please call for summer schedule availability.)


An additional $2 per person will be charged for scheduled weekend tours.


Due to several events and programs run at the museum daily throughout the summer, guided tour times will change between the last week of June and second week of August.  Additionally, workshops options will not be available at this time.

All tours are subject to the availability of staff and the availability of the galleries.  Groups are encouraged to choose one or two alternative dates when planning.

(There is a minimum of 15 person(s) for group tours.  One chaperon will receive free admission for every ten students, and the tour rates above apply to all additional adults.  If group size is under 15 people, the group will still be invoiced for the minimum of 15).



In the event you must cancel your paid program reservation with us,  you will receive a refund as defined below:

1. There is a 20% non-refundable registration fee for all Museum programs.

2. Groups must submit the number of participants no later than one week before the visit.  Groups will be charged for this number of participants on the day of the program.  

3. Cancellations received in the six days before the visit will end in automatic forfeit of full payment and groups will be invoiced for the full amount.

4. A $25 cancellation fee will be applied to all groups that cancel a week or more prior to the visit.  This fee is in addition to the 20% registration fee.

5. Groups that need to postpone or change their original date, must call a week or more in advance to reschedule with no penalties.  

6. Groups that postpone or change their original date less than a week prior to visit will be charged the $25.00 cancellation fee in addition to the 20% security deposit that will remain on hold.