Mystery at the Museum: The Warhol Factory (April 4)

When: Saturday, April 4, 6-9 pm

The place: Union Square, NYC, inside the weird and hallowed walls of Andy Warhol’s famed Factory.

The time: midnight, February 2, 1971.

Artists, philanderers, celebutantes, and glamorous bums have gathered for one of Andy’s famed Monday Night Balls but Andy is nowhere to be seen. He has been more reclusive since his run in with a gun (and would-be assassin on the end of it) a little over two years ago, but clearly something big is in the works, as the night’s hushed invitations have called for extreme secrecy.

Edie thinks she knows what he’s about to unveil. Nico thinks it can’t possibly be, a hoax most certainly. Mick Jagger is, well, too gone to care. And Lou Reed is entertained, whether it’s real or not. But no one really knows what it is: Andy’s art time machine. If it did what he purported it could do, it would certainly be a technology…an invention…a newly open door – to KILL for. And that’s just what someone is going to do to one of these famous Factory regulars at Mystery at the Museum: The Warhol Factory, as only Andy could have planned. Forget the soup can, your corpse might just become iconic.

Wander the Everhart, view the soup can up close, see what Andy’s time machine has to offer, and solve a crime! Dinner, cocktails, and murder! Wear your best swinging 60’s or psychedelic 70’s getup – prize for best costume. Tickets include a 3-course meal and beverages.

Pricing: $75 member, $85 non-member (21+ event)

Reservations are required. For more information call (570) 346-7186, ext. 510.

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