2014 Exhibitions

D-Day 1944: “Accept nothing less than full Victory!”

February 7-June 16, 2014 in the Maslow Galleries

Exclusive to the Everhart Museum, D-Day 1944 focused on the planning, execution, and aftermath of the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944. Featuring historic photographs of the invasion, the exhibit also included historic artifacts from regional lenders and historical collections. Two years in the planning, the D-Day invasion, which began on June 6 and lasted several days, enabled the Allied forces to make deep inroads into the German-occupied French countryside. While costing thousands of casualties, the D-Day invasion became the turning point that allowed for the Allies to eventually overtake the European continent and lead the victory in World War II.

Lenders and partners to D-Day 1944 included: Carol Dunn, Kenny Ganz, Getty Images, James Gidosh, Dr. Patrick Grady, Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS, International Center of Photography, Library of Congress, Thomas Karam, Linda Lee, Magnum Photos, National Archives & Records AdministrationThe National Collection of Aerial Photography, Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland, Leni Piasky, Susquehanna County Historical Society, and Wayne County Historical SocietyD-Day 1944 also includes artworks specially created for the exhibit by Rebecca Bird

Exhibition support was provided by Penn Security Bank & Trust, a division of Peoples Security Bank & Trust Co. 

World War II on the Homefront: Community Art at the Everhart

February 7-June 16, 2014 in Gallery One

Exclusive to the Everhart Museum, WWII on the Homefront was a community art exhibit featuring work created by NEPA-based historical societies, veterans’ associations, regional schools, & community organizations working in partnership with the Museum and artist-in-residence Liz Parry-Faist.  The artworks interpreted diverse elements of life on the home front and incorporate period photographs, advertising, letters, and other ephemera into three-dimensional collage. 

Exhibit partners include: The Achievement Academy, American Legion Post #457, Anthracite Heritage Museum & Iron Furnaces, Dietrich Theater, Jefferson Learning Center, King’s College, Lackawanna Historical Society, Lackawanna Trail High School Art Club, Luzerne County Historical Society, NEIU 19, Susquehanna County Historical Society, The Times-Tribune, Wayne County Historical Society, and Wyoming County Historical Society.


July 5-September 8, 2014 in the Maslow Galleries

Lenders and partners to the exhibit includes Emil AlzamoraHelen Altman/DCKT ContemporaryThe Burke Museum of Natural History & CultureBruce Gray, Dr. Vincent Marshall and Dr. Robert Smith of the Department of Biology/University of ScrantonShark ToofU.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Eagle and Wildlife Property Repository, and Howard Wolfe.

Shiver of Sharks: Community Art at the check up & cleaning lrEverhart

July 5-September 8, 2014 in Gallery ONE

Exclusive to the Everhart Museum, Shiver of Sharks was a community art exhibit featuring creative, humorous, and engaging interpretations of what local artists envision and imagine sharks do when humans aren’t looking.  This project was part of a continuing effort by the Everhart Museum to nurture creativity and showcase artistic excellence by the youth of our region.



1963: A Blast from the Past!

November 22, 2013-September 29, 2014 in Gallery 13

Exclusive to the Everhart Museum was the exhibit 1963: A Blast from the Past! a visual look back at the year’s events that filled Americans with exhilaration, as well as those that brought us to unfathomable depths of despair. This exhibit featured images, documents, and ephemera and was developed by students enrolled in Public History 281, a class designed to introduce undergraduates to the world of museum and archival work. It is one of several courses offered as part of the Public History minor within Marywood University’s Social Sciences Department.

The students worked with museum staff to explore this remarkable year. Researching topics and events that shaped our world 50 years ago, they focused on the following: Civil Rights Movement, Cold War Culture, JFK and his legacy, Space Race, the Shadow of Vietnam and daily life in general.

The student curators of 1963: A Blast from the Past! were: Arianna Boettger, Eileen Comninos, Dana Daly, Katie Dane, Yeslene Dijol, Anna Hickman, Shari Landy, Brian Nargi, Gia Reveillo, Julianne Reymer, and Adam Villella.

Sacred Symbols in Sequins: Vintage Haitian Vodou Flags

September 26-December 29, 2014 in the Maslow Galleries

13vodou3Sacred Symbols in Sequins offered a view of magnificent works of art made by skilled Haitian flag makers, which form remarkable mosaics of religious imagery by combining and juxtaposing symbols of Europe and the Americas with those brought from Africa centuries ago by captive slaves. Visitors to Sacred Symbols in Sequins familiar with ceremonies such as Mexico’s Day of the Dead and Brazil’s Carnaval found common ground, while craftspeople that weave, sew, make quilts or work with beads found inspiration in these spectacular works of art. The spiritual realm reflected in these liturgical objects was not the dark, frightening place of black magic and superstition so often stereotyped in American popular culture. As intricate works of art informed by ritual and theology, as well as by Haiti’s political history, such flags offer an unparalleled opportunity for viewers to experience the aesthetics, symbolism, and social implications of Vodou. The exhibit also included visceral images of Haitian Vodou rituals by renowned photographer Les StoneSacred Symbols in Sequins is a program of ExhibitsUSA, a national division of Mid-America Arts Alliance and The National Endowment for the Arts.

Exhibition support provided by Michael Harris.

Haiti De/Constructed: Community Art at the Everhart

September 26-December 29, 2014 in Gallery ONE

alexis s.Haiti De/Constructed was a community art exhibit featuring creative interpretations of Haitian architecture by area students during Summer 2014’s Arts Alive! program. A complement to the Everhart Museum’s exhibit Sacred Symbols in Sequins: Vintage Haitian Vodou Flags, this Gallery ONE exhibit highlighted educational engagement by the Everhart Museum and the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit 19 to encourage regional youth in exploring artistic expression. These artworks focus on the geometric and colorful shapes and buildings found in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of the island nation of Haiti.