Exhibitions are an essential component of the Everhart Museum. Permanent and Temporary galleries are located throughout the three-story building. Visitors are invited to explore the broad range of specimens, art objects, and ideas found on display.




OurSELF, February 1 – April 29, 2019

OurSELF is a site-specific visual exhibition created by Scranton’s Pop Up Studio that seeks to create empathy and open dialogue about mental health through a thoughtful, interactive, art installation. The viewer is taken on a journey through a series of emotional and sensory experiences. Visitors are invited to move through each gallery and allow the installation to challenge their understanding of their environment and their ability to control it.

Exhibition and programming sponsors include:
Everhart Museum, Frieder Foundation, the Kiser Family, Lackawanna County, Moses Taylor Foundation, Pennsylvania Council of The Arts, the Pettinato Family, and Posture Interactive.




Preserved: Traditions of the Andes, March 9 – April 7, 2019 (Weekends only)

For a short time only, the Everhart will explore the traditions of ancient Andean culture. Textiles, pottery, and other South American artifacts from the Museum’s collection will be used to discuss the science of preservation and how artifacts like these have found their way to the Everhart. This exhibition will allow you to see how Andean traditions have evolved and how some practices are continued today by living indigenous communities.

This exhibition is underwritten by:







HerSELF: Through the Eyes of Amy Kiser, February 1 – April 29, 2019

Amy Kiser found her voice as an artist and a survivor through a series of paintings and lithographic prints. Kiser’s work is reflective of powerful and traumatic life experiences which she conveyed through the use of color washes and line work that create overlapping layers onto her subject matter. The result is often haunting. These emotional depictions, most often of women and animals, were a source of power for Kiser and offer us insight into HerSELF.


Museum collections have the power to inspire creativity, motivate artistic expression, and stimulate local pride. As a regional museum, the Everhart is committed to presenting works that celebrate the cultural patrimony and artistic history of our region, exposing them to a broader audience. Four galleries have been dedicated to this mission distinguishing the Everhart from other cultural institutions in the area. Works from the permanent collection, borrowed from other institutions and from living artists will be presented to offer a visual narrative of our region. The inaugural installations will include work by John Willard Raught, Frederic C. Knight, Hope Horn, and Dorflinger Glass.

After almost a year off-line the Main Gallery has reopened with a major redesign of its permanent collection. This installation represents the most extensive and comprehensive reexamination of the Museum’s collection in over ten years.  The new interpretation showcases a wide range of media and is organized to highlight the continuum of making and the connection between artists and artworks despite cultural and time difference. Viewers are invited to explore the collection in new ways. You’ll see recognizable artists such as Ansel Adams, Louise Nevelson, Pablo Picasso and Francisco Goya alongside African, American Folk, and Oriental art objects.