Everhart Young Readers

Program staff at the Everhart Museum asked our friends at the Lackawanna County Library System to share some of their favorite titles with our young audience! Book selections were made with reading themes that correspond with our adult book club, Everhart Reads.

We encourage our young readers to visit their local library to check out these great recommendations. Our Lackawanna County Library partners also offer a limited number of Everhart Museum passes that can be checked out just like a book with an LCLS library card.


The elementary-age book recommendation is:
I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes her mark by Debbie Levy
This recommendation comes from Liz Kluesner, Director of Youth Services at the Valley Community Library. 

Note from Ms. Liz

“I disagree!”, “I object!”, “I beg to differ!”, “I do not concur!”

Have you disagreed with something lately? Did you speak up about it?  Sometimes, disagreeing about an issue can change the world! This factual biographical story tells how young Ruth visited the library and developed her inner strength and determination through reading books about courageous women. She fought prejudice, attended law school, worked incredibly hard, and most importantly, she persisted! Ruth Ginsburg is currently the oldest member of the Supreme Court. She demonstrates that her words have power, and yours do, too.  This story features colorfully illustrated text and energetic pictures. Check out this book today!

The catalog number for I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes her mark is: Juv
92 Ginsburg

The teen book recommendation is:
Landscape with Invisible Hand by M. T. Anderson

This recommendation comes from Renee Roberts, Young Adult Services and Project Manager at the Abington Community Library


Note from Ms. Renee

Landscape with Invisible Hand explores the new life of Adam Costello once the vuvv invade Earth. Promised amazing technology and life-saving medical advances, Adam soon finds the cost of a new civilization invading his own is too much. From faking his love story to trying to win a contest to save his family from financial ruin, Landscape with Invisible Hand is a stunning satire about colonization.