Founded in 1908, the Everhart Museum was built as part of the early 20th century regional museum movement. Monies and initial natural history collections were provided by Dr. Isaiah Fawkes Everhart, a Scranton physician and Civil War veteran. Dr. Everhart conceived the Museum as one that would serve not only the immediate City of Scranton but also the whole of Northeastern Pennsylvania.


We believe in the power of the Everhart Museum to spark the imagination, challenge thought and provide enjoyment. Through our collections, exhibits, and programs, we strive to integrate natural history, science, and art into the lives of people


To be a regionally recognized museum that brings people together ignites shared experiences, and creates unexpected connections through dynamic exhibitions, events, and partnerships; and by providing outstanding educational programs.

Pledge of Excellence

The Museum pledges that, in fulfillment of its educational mission, it will strive to operate according to core standards to the best of its abilities and in accordance with its resources.

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